Who we are:

The Firm was founded by two legal experts with complementary skills gained in very different realities. Since the start of her career, Margherita Grassi Catapano has managed a team of qualified professionals on her own, devoting herself mainly to civil litigation at the national level. Francesca Sutti, on the other hand, comes from more than twenty years of experience in leading international law firms where she has been a partner since 2008 and has worked on both judicial and extrajudicial matters at the national and international levels.


This alliance has given rise to a Firm that is capable of offering companies assistance characterized by an excellent quality of service in areas ranging from out-of-court to assistance before national civil and administrative courts, to European courts and before various sector authorities.


The commitment to offer quality service requires professional training and passion for the subjects dealt with, managing each mandate with an individualized approach. For this reason, the Firm's professionals have as their primary goal to fully understand the needs of their clients, also taking into account the specificities of the sector in which the client operates. This can be accomplished only by creating synergy between professionals and clients working, as far as possible, in a single team.


Our strength lies in our collaborators, qualified professionals who, above all, share the same values. Working in a healthy and cohesive environment such as ours is crucial to providing customers with the qualified, proactive and tailor-made services they require.


We encourage individual professional growth through participation in conferences and seminars and by giving the opportunity for our collaborators to benefit from training in soft skills.


Our team-building activities consist of days in which we work together in charity activities. A sense of honor, respect for diversity and attention to the environment are essential requirements for being part of the Firm.


We are proponents of smart working.

Margherita Grassi Catapano

Margherita is a Partner. She is specialized in Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Digital markets and Data protection. She has a significant experience in assisting leading Italian companies.

Before establishing WLex she led her own law firm with a dozen professionals. Her practice covers Litigation and Contractual law for institutional clients with whom she has created a well-established relationship of trust.

In 2000 she was admitted to the Milan Bar.

Margherita graduated at the Università degli studi of Milan in 1996.

She speaks Italian and English.

T: +39 02877820
F: +39 02877570
E: margherita.grassicatapano@wlex.it

Francesca Sutti

Francesca is specialized in Competition law, Consumer protection, Privacy, EU law and Regulatory in given sectors such as Lifescience, Consumer goods, Digital markets, Data protection, Transport and Logistics.
Before establishing WLex she was the head of the EU, Competition law and Regulatory practice in highly reputed international law firms.

Francesca is particularly interested in personal development skills and, for instance, in 2020 she attended the course "Empathy and emotional intelligence at work" (University of California, Berkeley).

In 2009 she was admitted to the Bruxelles Bar.

In 1998  she was admitted to the Milan Bar 

In 1995/1996 she worked as a Rechtsreferendarin in Germany. 

She is a member of the Italian Antitrust Association.
Francesca graduated at the Universit√† degli studi of Milan in 1995 (magna cum laude). 
She speaks Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

T: +39 02877820
F: +39 02877570
E: francesca.sutti@wlex.it

Paola Furini
Of Counsel

Paola is specialized in Insolvency Law. She is a bankruptcy trustee in several insolvency proceedings and a delegate to the executive procedures for the Court of Milan.

She is a member of the ADGI (Associazione Donne Giuriste Italia) and of the ACM (Associazione Concorsualisti Milanesi).

She is also a member of the Committee of Insolvency Proceedings and of the Council of the Milan Bar.

In 1996 she was admitted to the Milan Bar.

Paola graduated at Università degli studi of Milan in 1995.

She speaks Italian and English.

T: +39 02877820
F: +39 02877570
E: paola.furini@wlex.it
Eleonora Croccolino

Eleonora works in the Litigation.

She is specialized in civil, banking, telecoms litigation and enforcement proceedings.
In 2014 she was admitted to the Milan Bar. 

In 2010/2011 she worked as a trainee for a Judge in the Court of Milan. She attendend a two years Master at the University of Milan.

She received a degree in Law from Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna in 2009.

She speaks Italian and English.

T: +39 02877820
F: +39 02877570
E: eleonora.croccolino@wlex.it

Lucrezia Puliatti

Lucrezia works in the Litigation Practice. She is specialized in public law, banking and telecoms litigation. Before joining WLex, Lucrezia has worked in the boutique law firm of a Professor of public law at the Bocconi University of Milan.

In 2015 Lucrezia was admitted to the Milan Bar. 
Lucrezia graduated in law at the University of Pavia in 2013 (summa cum laude).

Lucrezia speaks Italian and English.

T: +39 02877820
F: +39 02877570
E: lucrezia.puliatti@wlex.it

Italy - Milan - Corso Europa, 10 - 20122

Phone: 0039 02 877820 Mail: info@wlex.it