E- commerce:

The digitisation of markets and new technologies bring with them new challenges that cannot be ignored. The explosive growth of advertising and online sales, the spread of software systems that compare prices, and the exploitation of AI all require a timely evaluation. 

WLex has extensive experience in e-commerce extending to various aspects of online sales, including litigation before the relevant authorities. Over the years, our professionals have had the opportunity to explore various sector-specific issues such as regulations in the area of telephony, both fixed and mobile, as well as more broad cross-cutting issues such as those concerning payment methods and geoblocking.


  • Drafting General Terms and Conditions and Data Protection policies for an online platform
  • Assistance to a company in reporting an unlawful behaviour held by a competing platform to the Italian Competition Authority
  • Assistance to a telephone company in disputes relating to the signing of contracts via internet
  • Assistance to an online sales platform in proceedings before the Italian Competition Authority
  • Assistance in relation to a so-called Most Favoured Nation clause

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