WLex - a Law Firm in Milan

WLex is a law firm that offers its clients specialized assistance in various fields ranging from banking, finance, fintech, telecommunications, antitrust, consumer protection, logistics, extrajudicial, civil and administrative matters.

Our focus is on lifelong learning, therefore our business is very focused on continuous updating.
Thanks to a close and organized team, we establish a continuous relationship with the client that provides added value and is not just a solution to a legal problem. We understand the customer’s needs because we see them from their point of view. That’s why we create solutions that are in tune with your business and the ecosystem in which you operate, elements we know deeply. We communicate with our customers smoothly and respond to requests instantly. We remain at the customer’s side by integrating with the internal team. We provide quick and transparent quotes.
All members of the firm are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise, observe a strict code of ethics, carry out their work with enthusiasm and with a strong innovative attitude.
We use up-to-date IT systems, archiving documents digitally and making them available to customers. Physical presence in the studio is no longer important and therefore we work by providing constant support from any location, so that we are always available and can provide the assistance you need at any time. 

Italy - Milan - Corso Europa, 10 - 20122

Phone: 0039 02 877820 Mail: info@wlex.it