Insolvency law:

We have over 20 years experience within the insolvency sector. Our Professionls are regulary appointed by the Court of Milan as either bankrupcy or insolvency Trustees  

More over our firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to its clients in relation to the management of the relationship with companies entered into Insolvency proceedings.

In light of the fact that the New Insolvency Italian Regulation is going to enter into force soon, with the consequence that Italian Bankruptcy law will be wally revolutioned, our professionals are organizing jointly with Milano Bar Association seminars and conferences aimed at ensuring the requested professional updating.


  • Member of the Board of the Insolvency trusteesin a proceeding launched by the Court of Milan in December  2020 toward a company which holds dental clinics  spread around the whole Italian territory
  • Appointment by the Court of Milan as Insolvency Trustee open in July 2019;
  • Appointment BY the Court of Milano Bankrupcty Trustee in a proceeding open in December 2019 
  • Advising a major Italian Real Estate Fund management of matters related to the rental of ongoing concerns of companies subject to Insolvency proceedings.

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